Vir Garbarean

Vir Garbarean
HeroInventive EngineerCost: 2
Level 1-4: ⓪ → Look at the top card of your draw pile. ① → Exchange the top card of your draw pile with a card from your hand. ATK: 2 HP: 3
Level 5-6: ⤵ → Play the top card of your draw pile. (You still pay for it and must meet the reqs for it.) ATK: 3 HP: 3
Level 7: Max Level: Summon a 6/7 purple Mech token with forecast 2 that's untargetable. (It will arrive in two turns.) ATK: 3 HP: 5
PurpleFuture Hero

Card-Specific Rulings
If you have no draw pile, looking at the top card of your draw pile does nothing. It does NOT cause you to shuffle your discard pile into your draw pile. — Sirlin
If you have no draw pile, you can't "exchange the top card of your draw pile with a card from your hand." Nothing happens. — Sirlin
The max level ability summons a Mech token that has two time runes on it. Remove one time rune each of your upkeeps. When you remove the last, th Mech arrives. The Mech does not have haste so it can't attack the turn it arrives. — Sirlin
Forecast X Rulings
When it would come into play from something other than forecast, instead it goes to the "future" zone and gets time runes. — Sirlin
To play a forecasted thing from your hand, you must meet the requirements to play it, like any card. You do NOT need to meet any requirements when it later arrives / resolves. For example, playing a forecasted Future tech II unit requires a Future tech II building, then the forecasted unit goes to the future, and if your Future tech II building is destroyed before the time runes are all removed, that's fine, the Future tech II unit will still arrive when the last time rune is removed. — Sirlin
Forecasted units do not go to Jail. — Sirlin
Untargetable Rulings
Something that's untargetable still CAN be attacked. It can even be affected by some spells and abilities, but NOT spells or abilities that use the [target] symbol. — Sirlin