UnitMech DroneCost: 2ATK: 9 HP: 7
Forecast 6, Haste, untargetable
Sacrifice a unit, hero, worker, or upgrade → Remove a time rune from Omegacron while it's forecasted.
PurpleFuture Tech II

Card-Specific Rulings
Sacrificed units and upgrades always go to their owner's discard pile. Sacrificed workers are always trashed. Sacrificed heroes always go to their owner's command zone. — Sirlin
Forecast X Rulings
When it would come into play from something other than forecast, instead it goes to the "future" zone and gets time runes. — Sirlin
To play a forecasted thing from your hand, you must meet the requirements to play it, like any card. You do NOT need to meet any requirements when it later arrives / resolves. For example, playing a forecasted Future tech II unit requires a Future tech II building, then the forecasted unit goes to the future, and if your Future tech II building is destroyed before the time runes are all removed, that's fine, the Future tech II unit will still arrive when the last time rune is removed. — Sirlin
Forecasted units do not go to Jail. — Sirlin
Haste Rulings
Haste allows things that came under your control this turn use exhaust abilities, which means abilities that have exhaust as part of the cost (that is, the exhaust symbol BEFORE an arrow.) Haste also allows units and heroes to attack that came under your control this turn. — Sirlin
Things do NOT need haste to become exhausted as the result of an effect. For example, you can play a unit then immediately exhaust it with Boot Camp because the exhaust is an effect there, not a cost. — Sirlin
Untargetable Rulings
Something that's untargetable still CAN be attacked. It can even be affected by some spells and abilities, but NOT spells or abilities that use the [target] symbol. — Sirlin