Vandy Anadrose

Vandy Anadrose
HeroQueen of DemonsCost: 2
Level 1-2: Sparkshot (When attacking a patroller, deals 1 damage to an adjacent patroller.) ATK: 2 HP: 3
Level 3-4: Resist 1 ①, ⤵, Discard a card → Fetch a Demonology spell from your codex, reveal it, then put it in your hand. ATK: 3 HP: 4
Level 5: Max Level: Give +2/+2 to one friendly and one opposing tech 0 or I unit. They lose +2/+2 and die at your next upkeep. ATK: 4 HP: 5
BlackDemonology Hero

Card-Specific Rulings
The max level ability is not optional, so you must try to do as much as you can when she reaches max level. If you don't have a friendly tech 0 or I unit, you still must try to give the bonus to an opposing tech 0 or I unit, and vice versa. — Sirlin
The units targeted by the max level ability will still lose the bonus and die during Vandy's owner's next upkeep, even if Vandy isn't around. — sharpo
Sparkshot Rulings
Sparkshot can only hit something 1 slot over from the thing you're attacking (an adjacent slot). It can't hit something two slots away even if it's the closest patroller (that is no longer ADJACENT to the thing you're attacking). — Sirlin
This counts as combat damage (it can kill Gilded Glaxx for example) and it counts as an ability (so something that has sparkshot cannot get +2/+2 from Midori's middle ability). — Sirlin
Sparkshot damage is dealt simultaneously with all other combat damage. — Sirlin
Sparkshot CAN hit a flier even if the attacker with sparkshot doesn't have anti-air. — Sirlin
Sparkshot doesn't [target]. — sharpo
Sparkshot does stack. A unit with 2 instances of sparkshot will get to deal 2 damage to an adjacent patroller or 1 damage to each of 2 adjacent patrollers. — sharpo
Resist X Rulings
This has nothing to do with attacking. Opponents don't have to pay to attack something with resist, they only have to pay to target it with spells or abilities. — Sirlin
This does stack, so if one of your units gets resist 1 twice, opponents must pay 2 gold to target it with spells or abilities. — Sirlin