Trojan Duck

Trojan Duck
UnitContraptionCost: 7ATK: 8 HP: 9
Obliterate 2 (Whenever this attacks, destroy the defender's two lowest tech units first.)
Arrives or attacks: Deal 4 damage to a building.
This weapon of war was disguised as a gift. It didn't fool many.
NeutralBashing Tech III

Card-Specific Rulings
Obliterate never targets units in Codex, so it can work even on units that are untargetable. The ability that deals 4 damage to a building does target the building, so it can't hit Fox's Den School (unless you have a detector) or Hero's Monument, for example. — Sirlin
"Arrives or attacks:" means you get the effect when it arrives, AND you also get the effect each time it attacks. You don't have to choose. — Sirlin
Obliterate X Rulings
Obliterate never targets. Having resist or being untargetable doesn't help against obliterate. — Sirlin
If there are any units that are indestructible or that can't leave play, ignore them when looking for the lowest tech unit. If such a thing would be their "lowest tech unit" then instead destroy their next lowest. — sharpo