Spectral Flagbearer

Spectral Flagbearer
UnitFlagbearer IllusionCost: 1ATK: 2 HP: 2
(Illusions die when ◎ by spells or abilities.)
Whenever an opponent plays a spell or ability that can ◎ a flagbearer, it must ◎ a flagbearer at least once.
BlueTruth Tech I

Card-Specific Rulings
If you aren't able to target an opposing Flagbearer for any reason, you don't have to. That includes if the Flagbearer has "resist 1" and you have no gold. In that case, you can't target it with a spell or ability because you can't afford to pay the cost for resist, so you can ignore the Flagbearer and target something else. — Sirlin
Flagbearer Rulings
Only spells and abilities that use the [target] symbol interact with a flagbearer. For example, Manufactured Truth does NOT have the [target] symbol, so it can copy a unit other than a flagbearer even if the opponent has a flagbearer. — Sirlin
This has nothing to do with attacking. The flagbearer effect only interacts with spells and abilities that use the [target] symbol, not with declaring attacks. You don't have to attack a flagbearer before you attack other things. — Sirlin
If you cannot target a flagbearer for some reason, then you don't have to and you can ignore it. For example, if a flagbearer has resist 1 (which requires you to pay 1 gold to target it) and you have 0 gold, you don't have to target it. Or in other words, if you have a spell that costs 4 and that targets, and you have exactly 4 gold, you CAN ignore a flagbearer with resist 1 because it's impossible for you to pay the resist cost in this case, and thus impossible to target the flagbearer. — Sirlin
If a spell can target multiple things, such as Ember Sparks, and it can target a flagbearer, it only needs to target that flagbearer once. For example, you might split Ember Sparks to do 1 damage to a Frog, 1 damage to a Skeleton, and 1 damage to a Flagbearer. That's legal and still obeys the flagbearer's effect. — Sirlin
Illusion Rulings
Illusions die immediately if they are targeted by a spell or ability. At the moment they are targeted, they die (and go to their owner's discard pile). That means if an effect would target an illusion and deal 3 damage to it, or target it and put a rune on it, the illusion is already dead and gone before the effect happens. It never actually takes the 3 damage or gets the rune in those examples. — Sirlin
Attacking an Illusion does not automatically kill it. Illusions only immediately die if they are targeted by a spell or ability. — Sirlin
"Illusion" is a subtype that a unit can have, it's not an ability. That means Spectral Hound, for example, does not have any abilities if Midori's middle ability checks for things "with no abilities". — Sirlin