Sirus Quince

Sirus Quince
HeroFlagstone Chief MagistrateCost: 2
Level 1-2: Arrives: Summon a 0/1 blue Mirror Illusion token. ② → Summon another (limit: 2). ATK: 1 HP: 3
Level 3-4: ② → One of your Mirror Illusions becomes a copy of another tech 0, I, or II unit. It's still an Illusion. Trash it at end of turn. ATK: 1 HP: 4
Level 5: Whenever a non-token unit of yours arrives, you may make one of your Mirrors an Illusion copy of it. Trash that token when Quince or its original leaves. ATK: 1 HP: 5
BlueTruth Hero

Card-Specific Rulings
Copying something copies the printed version of the card and does not copy any modifiers. For example, if you copy a 2/2 that has a +1/+1 rune on it and Spirit of the Panda attached to it, the copy will just be a 2/2. — Sirlin
If an effect changes the "printed" values of a card, the new values will be used. This includes Chaos Mirror and transformation effects such as Polymorph: Squirrel. — Sirlin
For both middle ability and max level ability, the copy is an Illusion. That means, for example, if you copy a unit of type Squirrel or Mystic then the copy will be an Illusion Squirrel or an Illusion Mystic. It will still count as a Squirrel or Mystic, and it also counts as an Illusion. Because it's an Illusion, it dies if its targeted. — Sirlin
If you use the middle ability or max level ability to make of your Mirror Illusions a copy of something else, you can't use either of those abilities again the same turn on that same Illusion. The reason is that the ability refers to your "Mirror Illusion" but after your Mirror Illusion copies a Squirrel, for example, you have an Illusion Squirrel, not a Mirror Illusion. You can use these abilities on ANOTHER Mirror Illusion you control though. — Sirlin
Mirror Illusions that are copying something else DO still count toward your limit of 2 Mirror Illusion tokens. — Sirlin
The max level ability says that when you use it to make one of your Mirror Illusions copy something, you must trash it when Quince or the thing it copied leaves. This does NOT have anything to do with Mirror Illusions that have not yet copied anything. Mirror Illusions that haven't copied anything do NOT get trashed when Quince leaves. — Sirlin
Quince's middle ability trashes the Mirror Illusion only once at the end of the turn you use the ability. — sharpo
Quince's max level ability can try to trash the Mirror Illusion two times, once when Quince leaves and once when the unit copied by the Mirror Illusion leaves. — sharpo
If your Mirror Illusion copies a Tech 1 unit, it becomes Tech 1. — sharpo
Illusion Rulings
Illusions die immediately if they are targeted by a spell or ability. At the moment they are targeted, they die (and go to their owner's discard pile). That means if an effect would target an illusion and deal 3 damage to it, or target it and put a rune on it, the illusion is already dead and gone before the effect happens. It never actually takes the 3 damage or gets the rune in those examples. — Sirlin
Attacking an Illusion does not automatically kill it. Illusions only immediately die if they are targeted by a spell or ability. — Sirlin
"Illusion" is a subtype that a unit can have, it's not an ability. That means Spectral Hound, for example, does not have any abilities if Midori's middle ability checks for things "with no abilities". — Sirlin