Setsuki Hiruki

Setsuki Hiruki
HeroFox's Den StudentCost: 2
Level 1-3: While Setsuki isn't patrolling, opponents must pay ① each time they would attack her. ATK: 1 HP: 3
Level 4-5: Attacks: Swift strike this turn. (Deals combat damage before units and heroes without swift strike.) ATK: 2 HP: 3
Level 6: Upkeep: Draw 2 cards. ATK: 3 HP: 4
WhiteNinjutsu Hero

Card-Specific Rulings
It's ok to have more than 5 cards in your hand. When you reach the discard/draw phase, you'll still have to discard your hand, and draw that many cards + 2, capped at 5. — Sirlin
Swift Strike Rulings
Combat damage is dealt simultaneously if the attacker and the thing it's attacking both have swift strike. — Sirlin
If swift strike damage kills a unit or hero in combat that does not have swift strike, the non-swift strike unit or hero dies before it gets a chance to deal combat damage. — Sirlin