Prynn Pasternaak

Prynn Pasternaak
HeroTemplar HistorianCost: 2
Level 1-3: Fading 4 Attacks: Put a time rune on this. ATK: 1 HP: 3
Level 4-6: Dies from fading: Opponents skip their next draw/discard step (they keep their hand cards). ATK: 2 HP: 4
Level 7: Remove two time runes → Trash a unit. ◎ Leaves: Return all cards to play that Pasternaak trashed. ATK: 3 HP: 5
PurplePast Hero

Card-Specific Rulings
She fades away when her last time rune is removed for any reason. Removing the last rune with the Time Spiral spell or her own max level ability will cause her to die. — Sirlin
"Dies from fading" means that the last time rune she had was removed because the fading ability said to do that during the upkeep. It doesn't trigger if something else removed her last time rune. — Sirlin
If she has exactly two time runes, she CAN use her max level ability to trash a unit. If she does, she then immediately dies because of hanving no fading runes, then the trashed unit returns to play. This does not count as "dies from fading" on her middle ability, because that only triggers if fading itself removed the last time rune. — Sirlin
When her max level ability returns a unit to play, it returns under the control of whoever controlled it when it was trashed. — Sirlin
When her max level ability returns a unit to play, it returns in a "fresh" state. It's a new object, and no longer has any properties of the old object such as +1/+1 runes, damage, being a dance partner from Two Step, etc. It also returns ready (not exhausted) and it can't attack or use exhaust abilities unless it has haste. — Sirlin
Fading X Rulings
If you remove the last time rune for some other reason than the fading ability, such as from Time Spiral, Seer, or Tinkerer, you still must sacrifice the fading thing. — Sirlin
If you somehow have something with fading in play with 0 time runes (probably because you made a copy of something if fading), it won't die from fading anymore. — sharpo
X is not a limit to the number of time runes you can have on that card. For example, you can play Shimmer Ray and discard 4 cards so that it has 6 time runes; you're not limited to 2 total. — Sirlin