Potent Basilisk

Potent Basilisk
UnitBeastCost: 4ATK: 3 HP: 5
Arrives: You may destroy an upgrade or ongoing spell.
Untargetable, deathtouch
Their gaze is deadly and their scales reflective.
GreenBalance Tech II

Deathtouch Rulings
Anything that checks for "dying from combat damage" such as Brave Knight or Gilded Glaxx does "die from combat damage" if deathtouch hits it. — Sirlin
Deathtouch does not stack. Having two instances of deathtouch is the same as having just one. — sharpo
Untargetable Rulings
Something that's untargetable still CAN be attacked. It can even be affected by some spells and abilities, but NOT spells or abilities that use the [target] symbol. — Sirlin