Oathkeeper of Kor Mountain

Oathkeeper of Kor Mountain
Legendary UnitWarriorCost: 7ATK: 7 HP: 8
Arrives: Choose an oath: "I won't play cards from my hand besides workers" or "I will skip my draw/discard phase." You can't break that oath while Oathkeeper is in play.
Swift strike, resist 2
② → Sideline all patrolling units.
WhiteStrength Tech III

Card-Specific Rulings
If you choose the first oath, you can still "put cards into play" with an effect that has that wording, such as Sanatorium, without breaking the oath. — Sirlin
Choosing the second oath means that instead of discarding your hand and drawing new cards during the discard/draw phase, you simply keep your same remaining cards in hand for the next turn. — Sirlin
Resist X Rulings
This has nothing to do with attacking. Opponents don't have to pay to attack something with resist, they only have to pay to target it with spells or abilities. — Sirlin
This does stack, so if one of your units gets resist 1 twice, opponents must pay 2 gold to target it with spells or abilities. — Sirlin
Swift Strike Rulings
Combat damage is dealt simultaneously if the attacker and the thing it's attacking both have swift strike. — Sirlin
If swift strike damage kills a unit or hero in combat that does not have swift strike, the non-swift strike unit or hero dies before it gets a chance to deal combat damage. — Sirlin