Master Midori

Master Midori
HeroMentor DragonCost: 2
Level 1-4: ATK: 2 HP: 3
Level 5-7: Your units with no abilities get +1/+1. ATK: 3 HP: 4
Level 8: During your turn: Flying ATK: 4 HP: 5
GreenBalance Hero

Card-Specific Rulings
"Units with no abilities" means units that don't have any ability text at all. Keywords such as haste, swift strike, resist 1, frenzy 1, etc. do count as abilities. If an effect changes a units stats, such as giving it +1/+1, that does not count as an ability. If a unit has damage on it, or +1/+1 runes, or any other type of rune, that does not count as having an ability. Illusions have the property that they die when they are targeted, but they have no actual ability saying this (just help text), so an Illusion with no ability does get Midori's bonus. — Sirlin
If a unit gets an ability, such as Calamandra giving it resist 1, then it loses +2/+2 from Midori. This could cause it to die if it then has 0 or less HP. — Sirlin
Units do not lose the benefit of Midori's midband ability for being in any patrol slot. — sharpo
You can only reduce the gold cost of something to 0, not lower than that. — sharpo
Flying Rulings
As a conceptual shorthand, think about flying and anti-air as follows: Ground forces without anti-air can only shoot straight. They can never hit fliers, ever. Flying forces can shoot both straight and down. Anti-air forces can shoot both straight and up. This is never a handicap because even though they CAN hit patrolling fliers, they aren't forced to. As a patroller, you only stop an attacker if it's on the *same* level as you. Anti-air ground forces on patrol will shoot at fliers as they fly over. — Sirlin
Fliers can ignore patrollers that don't have flying. In other words, they can attack something else instead if you want. — Sirlin
Fliers cannot ignore flying patrollers. The usual rules of the patrol zone apply, meaning if you want to attack with a flier at all, that flier CAN attack patrolling fliers so it must do that rather than attack other things such as non-patrollers or tech buildings. — Sirlin
When a flier attacks another flier or gets attacked by another flier, they both deal combat damage to each other as usual. When a flier attacks a ground unit or hero without anti-air, the flier deals its combat damage to the ground thing and the ground thing does NOT deal any combat damage to the flier. Ground forces without anti-air cannot even attack a flier at all. Ground forces with anti-air can attack fliers and deal combat damage to them as usual when they do. — Sirlin