Lord of Shadows

Lord of Shadows
UnitOverlordCost: 7ATK: 8 HP: 7
Your black units are invisible. (To opponents without a detector, they are untargetable, unattackable, and can sneak past patrollers. While patrolling, they are attackable.)
BlackNecromancy Tech III

Card-Specific Rulings
Lord of Shadows himself is invisible because he is a black unit. — Sirlin
Invisible Rulings
"Sneaking past" means you can ignore patrollers when attacking and attack anything you want. You can also attack the patrollers if you prefer. — Sirlin
When something invisible attacks an enemy unit or hero, that enemy unit or hero DOES deal its combat damage back as usual. — Sirlin
If an opponent has the Tower add-on and their tower has already used its once-per-turn detect on something, then you attack with something invisible, the Tower will not deal its damage to your invisible thing. It would if it's once-per-turn detect hadn't been used, but it can only damage things it can see. — Sirlin
You can [target] your own invisible things whether you have a detector or not. — Sirlin