Lich's Bargain

Lich's Bargain
SpellSummonCost: 2
Sacrifice a worker. Your base takes 4 damage.
Summon three black tokens: a 1/1 Skeleton, a 2/2 Zombie, a 3/3 Horror with deathtouch
BlackNecromancy Magic

Card-Specific Rulings
It is legal to sacrifice one of your starting 4 or 5 workers. If you do, your worker count goes down by 1 (not by 4 or 5) and you can mark that however you want. The game will surely be over pretty quickly anyway! — Sirlin
Deathtouch Rulings
Anything that checks for "dying from combat damage" such as Brave Knight or Gilded Glaxx does "die from combat damage" if deathtouch hits it. — Sirlin
Deathtouch does not stack. Having two instances of deathtouch is the same as having just one. — sharpo