SpellDebuffCost: 4
Gain control of an opposing tech 0, I, or II unit until end of turn. Ready it and it gets haste until end of turn.
RedBlood Magic

Card-Specific Rulings
If the unit you steal does not die (or otherwise leave play) on your turn, then whichever player you stole it from regains control of it at the end of your turn. — Sirlin
If the unit you steal dies while under your care, it will go to its owner's discard pile (not yours). — Sirlin
Haste Rulings
Haste allows things that came under your control this turn use exhaust abilities, which means abilities that have exhaust as part of the cost (that is, the exhaust symbol BEFORE an arrow.) Haste also allows units and heroes to attack that came under your control this turn. — Sirlin
Things do NOT need haste to become exhausted as the result of an effect. For example, you can play a unit then immediately exhaust it with Boot Camp because the exhaust is an effect there, not a cost. — Sirlin