Hotter Fire

Hotter Fire
UpgradeCost: 3
Your red spells and abilities that deal damage deal 1 damage more.
RedFire Tech II

Card-Specific Rulings
This really does apply to all abilities that deal damage on all red cards and red spells that deal damage. For example, Molting Firebird deals 2 damage to every opposing unit if you have Hotter Fire. Zane's max level ability deals 2 damage to the patroller shoves. Jaina's max level ability deals 4 damage. Scorch deals 3 damage. Crash Bomber deals 2 damage when he dies. Careless Musketeer deals 2 damage to a unit or building AND 2 damage to your base, etc. — Sirlin
This does not affect any red units or heroes with abilities that simply deal combat damage. For example, it doesn't increase the damage from sparkshot, overpower, or anti-air. — Sirlin
If you have more than one Hotter Fire, the effects do stack. — Sirlin