Hooded Executioner

Hooded Executioner
UnitSoldierCost: 2ATK: 3 HP: 3
Boost ③ (You may pay an additional ③ when you play this to get the boost effect.)
If you boosted, destroy each opponent's weakest unit. (The lowest tech unit with the least ATK. You choose if there's a tie for least ATK.)
BlackNecromancy Tech I

Card-Specific Rulings
"Lowest tech unit with least ATK" means first you look at the set of units the lowest tech, such as "tech 0." Tech 0 is below I is below II is below III. Next, choose the unit in that set with the least ATK. — Sirlin
If there are any units that are indestructible or that can't leave play, ignore them when looking for the weakest unit. If such a thing would be their "weakest unit" then instead destroy their next weakest. — sharpo
Boost X Rulings
If something has you "put a unit into play," that's different from "playing it" so you can't pay for or use a boost effect in that case. Likewise, if a unit with a boost enters play through any means other than playing it (such as being returned from Second Chances or Geiger or Pasternaak's max level abilities) then you can't use its boost. — Sirlin
Using Graveyard, Jurisdiction, and Vir Garbarean you can "play" a card from a zone other than your hand. You can still use boost when playing a card this way. — sharpo
If an opponent has Jail and you play a unit with a boost, you CAN pay for and use the boost. You do that immediately as you play the unit from your hand, then the boost effect happens and your unit goes to Jail. When it leaves Jail and arrives in play, you do not have a chance to pay for or use the boost a second time. — Sirlin