Guargum, Eternal Sentinel

Guargum, Eternal Sentinel
Legendary UnitAncientCost: 10ATK: 12 HP: 12
Resist 2 (Opponents must pay ② each time they would ◎ this with a spell or ability.)
Obliterate 4 (Whenver this attacks, destroy the defender's four lowest tech units first.)
You may play Growth spells for free and without having a Growth Hero.
GreenGrowth Tech III

Card-Specific Rulings
Guargum can even play an ultimate Growth spell for free. He can play it even if you didn't control him at the start of your turn. — Sirlin
Resist X Rulings
This has nothing to do with attacking. Opponents don't have to pay to attack something with resist, they only have to pay to target it with spells or abilities. — Sirlin
This does stack, so if one of your units gets resist 1 twice, opponents must pay 2 gold to target it with spells or abilities. — Sirlin
Obliterate X Rulings
Obliterate never targets. Having resist or being untargetable doesn't help against obliterate. — Sirlin
If there are any units that are indestructible or that can't leave play, ignore them when looking for the lowest tech unit. If such a thing would be their "lowest tech unit" then instead destroy their next lowest. — sharpo