Garus Rook

Garus Rook
HeroStone GolemCost: 2
Level 1-4: ATK: 2 HP: 4
Level 5-7: Unstoppable by patrol zones with only one patroller. ATK: 3 HP: 5
Level 8: Two Lives (If this would die, heal all damage on it and put a crumbling rune on it instead. While it has a crumbling rune, it can really die.) ATK: 4 HP: 6
WhiteStrength Hero

Card-Specific Rulings
If this doesn't have a crumbling rune on it and it would die, it doesn't actually die so nothing that triggers on "dies" will happen. For example, it won't draw a card if it "would die" in the technician slot, only when it really does die after it has a crumbling rune on it. — Sirlin
Unstoppable Rulings
Having a detector (or a Tower add-on) doesn't help against the unstoppable keywords. Even then, unstoppable attackers can ignore patrollers. — Sirlin