Ebbflow Archon

Ebbflow Archon
UnitArchonCost: 8ATK: 12 HP: 12
Fading 7 (Arrives with seven time runes. Remove one each upkeep. When you remove the last, sacrifice this.)
Gets -1/-1 for each time rune on it.
Remove a time rune → Return a unit to its owner's hand or a hero to its command zone.
PurplePast Tech III

Fading X Rulings
If you remove the last time rune for some other reason than the fading ability, such as from Time Spiral, Seer, or Tinkerer, you still must sacrifice the fading thing. — Sirlin
If you somehow have something with fading in play with 0 time runes (probably because you made a copy of something if fading), it won't die from fading anymore. — sharpo
X is not a limit to the number of time runes you can have on that card. For example, you can play Shimmer Ray and discard 4 cards so that it has 6 time runes; you're not limited to 2 total. — Sirlin