Chaos Mirror

Chaos Mirror
SpellCost: 2
Swap the printed ATK of two units and/or heroes until end of turn.
RedAnarchy Magic

Card-Specific Rulings
The printed ATK means the ATK actually printed on the card. For example, a 2/3 unit has "2" as it's printed ATK, even if it gets a +1/+1 rune and an additional +2/+2 from Two Step. — Sirlin
Any effects that copy a unit such as Manufactured Truth, copy only the printed version of a unit, but they will respect Chaos Mirror's swap of the printed values. For example, if you have a 1/1 and an 8/8, then swap their printed ATK with Chaos Mirror (so you have an 8/1 and a 1/8) then you copy the 8/1 with Manufactured Truth, your copy will be an 8/1. — Sirlin