Calamandra Moss

Calamandra Moss
HeroTiger MagusCost: 2
Level 1-2: Discard two cards → Calamandra gets stealth this turn. ATK: 2 HP: 3
Level 3-4: Your units get resist 1 (Opponents must pay ① each time they would ◎ them with a spell or ability.) ATK: 3 HP: 4
Level 5: ④, ⤵ → Search your codex for a tiger unit and put it into play. ATK: 4 HP: 5
GreenFeral Hero

Card-Specific Rulings
When her max level ability "puts a Tiger into play," that means you don't pay for the Tiger and you don't have to have the appropriate tech building for it either. — Sirlin
Stealth Rulings
"Sneaking past" means you can ignore patrollers when attacking and attack anything you want. You can also attack the patrollers if you prefer. — Sirlin
When something with stealth attacks an enemy unit or hero, that enemy unit or hero DOES deal its combat damage back as usual. — Sirlin
If an opponent has the Tower add-on and their tower has already used its once-per-turn detect on something, then you attack with something that has stealth, the Tower will not deal its damage to your stealth thing. It would if it's once-per-turn detect hadn't been used, but it can only damage things it can see. — Sirlin
Resist X Rulings
This has nothing to do with attacking. Opponents don't have to pay to attack something with resist, they only have to pay to target it with spells or abilities. — Sirlin
This does stack, so if one of your units gets resist 1 twice, opponents must pay 2 gold to target it with spells or abilities. — Sirlin