Blackhand Dozer

Blackhand Dozer
UnitDemonCost: 4ATK: 7 HP: 6
Damage you deal can reduce opposing bases' HP to 6, but not lower.
Dies: Active player destroys one of your lowest tech units.
BlackDemonology Tech II

Card-Specific Rulings
"Damage you deal" means any damage you cause to be dealt. This includes combat damage your units do and damage from spells and abilities you control. If you destroy an opponent's tech building, and it would deal 2 damage, that also won't happen if it would reduce their base to below 6 HP. "You" can even deal damage when it's not your turn, such as if Crash Bomber dies on another player's turn. That also can't bring an opposing base below 6 HP if you have Blackhand Dozer. — Sirlin
Overpower Rulings
The excess combat damage from the first target can go to only one additional target. It can't cascade beyond that to hit even more targets. — Sirlin
The "excess" combat damage is the damage beyond the remaining HP of the thing you attacked. It doesn't matter if the thing actually dies or not, the damage beyond its HP is still counted as "excess." For example, if you attack a 1/1 indestructible unit such as Hardened Mox with a 3/4 overpower unit such as Centaur, there is 2 excess damage even though the Mox doesn't die. That 2 excess damage can hit something else that that Centaur could have legally attacked. — Sirlin
When determining what an overpower attacker "could have attacked" you still obey all the normal rules of attacking. If there are any patrollers other than the one actually attacked that would have been possible for the overpower attacker to attack, the excess combat damage has to go to one of them rather than say, a tech building. If there aren't any other patrollers that the overpower unit or hero could have attacked, then the excess damage can go to anything with HP that's controlled by the player (or team in 2v2) whose patroller was attacked. — Sirlin
Overpower does nothing when you attack a non-patroller. It also does nothing on defense (when your overpower unit or hero gets attacked). — Sirlin
Overpower damage still counts as combat damage (it can kill Gilded Glaxx for example) and it counts as an ability (so something that has overpower cannot get +2/+2 from Midori's middle ability). — Sirlin
Overpower does not stack. Having two instances of overpower is the same as having just one. — sharpo