Bird's Nest

Bird's Nest
Ongoing SpellSummonCost: 2
Channeling (Stays in play. Sacrifice it when you lose your Strength hero.)
Summon two 1/1 white Bird tokens with flying (limit: 2).
Upkeep: Re-summon lost birds (limit: 2).
WhiteStrength Magic

Card-Specific Rulings
If you have two Bird's Nests, you can still only have two Bird tokens in play. Each Nest sees 2 birds in play, knows that's the limit, and refuses to put more into play. — Sirlin
If you have Birds in play, then lose Bird's Nest, that doesn't cause you to lose your Birds. — Sirlin
Flying Rulings
As a conceptual shorthand, think about flying and anti-air as follows: Ground forces without anti-air can only shoot straight. They can never hit fliers, ever. Flying forces can shoot both straight and down. Anti-air forces can shoot both straight and up. This is never a handicap because even though they CAN hit patrolling fliers, they aren't forced to. As a patroller, you only stop an attacker if it's on the *same* level as you. Anti-air ground forces on patrol will shoot at fliers as they fly over. — Sirlin
Fliers can ignore patrollers that don't have flying. In other words, they can attack something else instead if you want. — Sirlin
Fliers cannot ignore flying patrollers. The usual rules of the patrol zone apply, meaning if you want to attack with a flier at all, that flier CAN attack patrolling fliers so it must do that rather than attack other things such as non-patrollers or tech buildings. — Sirlin
When a flier attacks another flier or gets attacked by another flier, they both deal combat damage to each other as usual. When a flier attacks a ground unit or hero without anti-air, the flier deals its combat damage to the ground thing and the ground thing does NOT deal any combat damage to the flier. Ground forces without anti-air cannot even attack a flier at all. Ground forces with anti-air can attack fliers and deal combat damage to them as usual when they do. — Sirlin